Wednesday, 20 April 2011

How to Turn Your Old Laptop into Cash?

Times are tough, and even when they’re not it’s always nice to find ways to turn things you no longer want or need into cash sitting in your back pocket. Furthermore, it is especially pleasant to discover ways to turn things into cash that might otherwise have been treated as rubbish. Just as you might find a way to sell some old piece of junk you’ve been storing in the loft since you were a little kid like vintage football cards or an antique set of golf clubs, there’s also money to be extracted from another item many of us have lying around the house or the loft: a used laptop. In our mad drive over the last decade to stay technologically updated, many of us have accumulated old laptops we no longer use and, foolishly, might even end up chucking down the local dump without further thought.

That, of course, just won’t do—and here’s how you can prevent that from happening, and in turn end up with a little extra cash in your hands (which you may very well be able to use to buy an even newer laptop).

The solution, as with so many things, is to be found online. These days, you can manage to sell just about anything online; the trick is finding a site that you will be able to rely on for a square deal and a good payout. There are ways to identify such sites, and as with anything on the internet it’s a process of doing a bit of searching and double-checking. You’ll come up with a lot of results for a web search to the effect of “get cash for your used laptop,” but then it’ll be a matter of narrowing things down to a reliable online business.
One key indicator is the ease of use that characterizes the website: if you can get quick quotes on laptops that are based on highly specific information (brand, model, age, and general condition) then you are likely to be dealing with a professional outfit. If you can’t make heads or tails of the site, much less get a quote, and then you should probably move on. Furthermore, you want to have additional assurances like how safe is the site and how do you get your money. If free shipping is included on a major courier as part of the deal, then all the better.
Of course, to actually get a payment that matches your original online quote you are going to have to be honest about what it is you’re trying to sell. If you indicate that the laptop doesn’t have a single scratch and operates like the day you bought it, when in reality it is all busted up and ravaged by viruses from hell, spilled liquid, and dust build-up, well then you are likely to get a little less than you had been expecting! All the same, even the most malfunctioning laptops still have worth in them—so be sure to sell rather than just discard in the bin, because it’s always nice to have some extra cash in your pocket!